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Alldeles för ledsen för att kunna sova

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my teacher sent a student home today because the student had had an anxiety attack earlier in the morning and she said “if you have a broken bone, you don’t just keep walking on it and damaging it more, you treat it. Your mental health is the same. Health then school.” 

I was about to get really angry but it took a different turn than I expected
we really need more teachers like this 

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"You realize you are not alone, right? No one in their twenties has life figured out. It’s okay to be a mess. You’re living."

Things my therapist told me today that almost made me burst out into tears. I need to remember this more often. (via h-auptgewinn)


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"Stop jumping moons for people who wont cross the street for you"
-My mom. (via ajeebinsaan)

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Walder Alm by Stefan Thaler
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i love that fall has a feeling, it’s not even the taste of smoke and barbeque in the air or the smell of wet dead leaves, it’s like a palpable feeling against your skin. it reminds me of renaissance festivals and cider barns and long highway drives to lawrence with the trees all sunset-shaded on the side of the road and cold night bonfires and guys i really fucking love autumn

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